" Having Ryan from Trek's Race Shop in our World Cup pits shows how committed they are to the team and has been an invaluable resource for us, we couldn’t ask for more. "
Gee Atherton

We’ve worked with Trek Bicycles for two whole seasons and it’s been awesome!

From the very start we were blown away by the set-up they have over at their Wisconsin HQ and the resources that they’ve put against getting the Sessions, the Slash and the Remedys absolutely dialled for our riders. We very quickly established a great relationship with the development guys and the team in the race shop and their support in our World Cup pits has been invaluable. We were all stoked when our first year with Trek resulted in Rachel’s Perfect Season and they totally shared our pain over last season’s crashes! We’re confident that Trek totally shares our vision of developing the most successful DH team in the world and we cant wait to get started working together on our 2018 World Cup Downhill campaign. Watch this space!


" It may be true that I’ve delegated SOME of the renovation work on the house but I’m pretty handy with a lump hammer! Couldn’t do any of it without Silverline tools! "
Rachel Atherton

Silverline tools are our kind of partner! Probably the second time we met them they let us build a big ramp out of pallets and jump around their warehouse!  

Since 2013 they’ve supported us at events ranging from our Rider Experience Days, Red Bull Foxhunt, the British Downhill Series and UCI World Cups. With over 5000 power and hand tools to chose from you can imagine how excited we get when the new Silverline catalogues land. Obviously Joe gets first shout at choosing new supplies for our branded workshop, but we don‘t stop there by a long way; not when we have Dan Atherton‘s digging habit to support and Rachel Atherton’s Home Renovation projects!

We’re all about introducing new people into the sport but we do know how expensive mountain-biking can be. Silverline make a basic range of bike tools that are really affordable. Check them out yourselves, whatever you’re into!

" We’re stoked to work with a company whose products can stand up to our lifestyle! "
Dan Atherton

Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993, it immediately launched a host of novel and challenging products that have gone on to earn iconic status globally.

Dan Atherton said “ My life is all about pushing boundaries, whether it’s a day on the mountain digging or a day on the bikes, its good to know I have a company behind me that’s willing to push as hard as I am, I know that goes for all of us, we’re stoked to work with a company whose products can stand up to our lifestyle!”

Paella Barclay Endura’s Brand Director said “We’ve wanted to work with Atherton Racing for some time now. Their success is a given, and to that extent, a partnership is a no-brainer for Endura, as we already work with a host of world-class athletes, across a range of cycling tribes.

“Dan, Gee and Rachel offer something more and embody the Endura mantra of Renegade Progress. Sometimes, you have a hunch that a group of people share your outlook on life, and we’ve always liked the way that they go racing: with commitment and dedication, but an unmistakable sense of fun. It already feels like a good fit.

Dan’s Dyfi bike park project could have real significance for Welsh tourism, Gee is a world class rider still at the top of his game, while Rachel’s dominance of women’s downhill racing speaks for itself; not that she is one to let others speak for her – a quality we admire immensely at Endura. We also share a passionate vision of how action sport can inspire youngsters and look forward to working together on projects that can unlock their potential.”

" All year round we’re supported by Fox’s expert team of race technicians and engineers both on and off the track, when you put your bike through as much as we do that’s invaluable. When any of us are in a race situation a few clicks either way can be the difference between winning and losing. "
Dan Atherton

Fox make great products. They started out by redefining ride dynamics in motocross and for the last thirty years they’ve been totally committed to improving suspension performance for everything through snowmobiles to mountain-bikes.

But that’s just a small part of the story. Fox are as focused on results as we are. Every winter new shocks arrive from the Fox race shop, we don’t need to understand the ins and outs, we’re just 100% confident that they’ll be the very best product available. Then we go through rigorous test sessions and custom tuning with the Fox team, we’ll be at it for minimum a week but often more than that. Its an intense period of replicating DH runs, 10-15 times a day, tweaking, honing, doing it again.

" Switching from a well-tried and trusted set-up was always going to cause a few nerves on the team but I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the Bontrager tyres already and the new tread patterns and compounds are riding spot on. "
Gee Atherton

The story of Bontrager is so legit, we absolutely love this new tie up! 

Keith Bontrager was a rider, engineer, and inventor before we were even born. He recognized the need for equipment that would stand up to the demands of this new sport of mountain-biking. And stand up well enough to allow riders to push boundaries and advance the sport. Sound familiar?

He scrounged through bike-shop dumpsters to identify failures and analyzed those fails to come up with better, more durable designs.  Keith earned his reputation building some of the strongest, lightest components around. Cheap, no. Best, yes.

It was a no-compromise approach that fits exactly with our own and still guides Bontrager development today. Keith sold his company to Trek in the 90s so when we signed with Trek the Bontrager range of wheels and tyres was a great bonus.


" Hope are the very best of British Manufacturing - we’ve worked with them for ages and they’ve never let us down. "
Gee Atherton

Hope is an amazing British brand, really awesome manufacturing – and it’s a cool story, the Hope machining business used to make tools and fixtures for the aerospace industry but when the owners started riding mountain bikes they started making disc brakes for personal use. The rest is history! Because Hope makes everything on site they have total control, from quality to delivery, we’ve worked with them for ages and they’ve never let us down.

We think it’s because they’re based in Lancashire and know what our winters are like that their products are so rugged – perfect for the punishment we dole out to them riding on Dan Atherton’s Dyfi trails in the Welsh winters. We’ve used their seat clamps and headsets for years,  the bearings on the headsets last longer than anything else on the market.

Hope’s Rachael Walker said “Hope has worked with the Athertons since 2012 with the supply of seat clamps and headsets but now that partnership expands to brakes, drivetrain components, carbon seat posts and hubs. The Athertons have been at the peak of our sport for so long achieving what many other teams and riders can only aspire to. To build on our relationship with Atherton Racing seems like a natural step. Having some of the best riders in the world using what we feel are some of the best components produced can only mean there are some exciting times ahead.

Precision engineering from Barnoldswick

" Like us, Renthal believes that success requires relentless commitment and effort and it’s their obsession with quality that makes their products so good. "
Gee Atherton

Renthal is a global leader in the manufacturing, design and sales of parts & accessories for motorcycles, ATV and bicycles.

The products that we’ll use include handlebars, stems, grips and chainrings. We’re excited to partner with a brand that enjoys winning as much as we do – they’ve already attained 6 Mountain-biking World Championships and we intended to increase that for them!

Like us, Renthal believes that success requires relentless commitment and effort and it’s their obsession with quality that makes their products so good.

Ian Collins of Renthal said “This is the first time any of the Trek Factory Racing DH riders have used Renthal products, so it’s great that early season testing feedback was all so positive. We find that existing athletes we support choose a handlebar that exactly fits their preference and riding style, then rarely change. As a company, we offer the entire range to the riders and they make their choice. There’s never any pressure from us. So, it’s exciting to see that all riders on the team have chosen our newest line of products; the 35mm diameter range.Looking into the race season, we have several new products in the R&D stage and will certainly be using the team to hone these designs and test performance at the very highest level.͟

" Getting rid of disposable plastic bottles is so important for me because of the clear benefits to the environment and the avoidance of potential health worries We are so stoked to be working with an iconic brand like Sigg "
Rachel Atherton

Apparently, the average adult in the UK gets through 150 plastic water bottles a year but we’re willing to bet that a lot of people who ride bikes can top that.

During  2016 we got really concerned about the amount of water (and bottles) our extended team of riders,  mechanics,  staff, media and family could smash through in the  5 days of a  World  Cup. Add to that the potential health hazards associated with BPA  found in disposable water bottles and it was clear that we needed to take action.

So in May  2017, we approached SIGG.  The iconic Swiss bottle manufacturer has already helped us to reduce our avoidable plastic usage right down.  They have been an extremely useful part of our race and training set up ever since  Fort William last year with the iconic  “traveller” bottles the staple product and ideal for track-walk.  Back at the pits, SIGG ’s guarantee that all bottles are naturally free from oestrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates made them a perfect choice for protein shakes and hydration.

SIGG ’s ethos is a great fit for the team.  They have been manufacturing 100%  recyclable bottles since 1908, each one of them a small piece of engineering extruded from a single piece of pure aluminium. The partnership will also extend to Hot and Cold flasks and food boxes  – product lines that  Dan Atherton ’s dig team already find indispensable.

" The Full-9 is a masterpiece. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been truly thankful for it this season. "
Gee Atherton

Live, ride, drive and thrive. That’s Bell’s rallying cry for all of us, they’re on a mission to get the whole world up, out there and moving around and at Atherton Racing we’re more than ready to answer that call. We’ve worked with these guys before back in 2007 so we know how true to their mission they really are. All of the riders were stoked to hear that we’d re-established the partnership for 2015 and beyond.  

Bell see themselves as enablers, allowing the world’s best to be the best they can be, they believe that the company exists to inspire and they’ve proved their worth time and time again. Lets face it, when you crash as hard and as often as Gee Atherton, Dan Atherton and Taylor Vernon do, you need to be 100% sure that your helmet is going to do its job.

Bell come from an auto racing, motorcycle and bicycle culture and have worked with the world’s best drivers and riders for more than forty years, that’s a heritage that we’re proud to be associated with. But we’ve also been privileged to watch Bell (and their UK distributor Zyro) in action at our Experience Day carefully listening to requirements and fitting helmets with 50 everyday riders.

" In wintry conditions (that’s pretty much constant here from early October to the start of April) we love the C3 Wet Lube, it repels all the mud and grease that the Dyfi trails can throw at it – even when Dan Atherton’s tracks take us axle deep through a bog. "
Gee Atherton

We’ve been working with Muc-off for four years now, that’s an awful lot of Welsh mud washed away! 

We all use Muc-off; riders, mechanics and management agree that it’s the best way to keep our race bikes looking mint. Of course it’s important that our world-beating rides look great, but it’s vital to keep them clean and maintained to the very highest standards, so they can keep on running to their max capacity.

What we love most about the Muc-off team is that they’re smart and a bit obsessive, they have an insane R&D programme which means that they’re always sending new products for us to try. Not only on our bikes, there’s plenty of products for cleaning up and maintaining the riders too! It means that we can keep pushing our bikes to the limit while Muc-off watch and learn, the dirtier we get, the harder we push, the better they like it!

" Oakley’s eyewear gives us the confidence to commit and react in the toughest of conditions, come rain hail or snow. "
Gee Atherton

Vision is everything in our sport, whether it’s picking a line through a rock garden or keeping our vision clear in Welsh storms or Alpine mud. Oakley’s eyewear gives us the confidence to commit and react in the toughest of conditions, come rain hail or snow.

For the last 5 years (give or take Rachel’s flirtation with some hot pink O-frames) we’ve mostly worn the Airbrake MX, these have awesome peripheral vision and “switch-lock technology” a really easy side-latch which releases the lense, so if we’re up in the start-gate and light conditions change (like just about every run at Fort William) we can quickly change our lenses before we drop in.

On the road bike we wear Jawbreakers and Radar EV.  Both of these were new for 2015, we love them because they have a massive field of view, fast lense change again and they’re super light on the face, but mostly we can make like we’re in the World Tour!

And last but not least there’s sunglasses. Never is a delivery so eagerly awaited. Over the last few season’s the team have rocked Sliver, Two-face, Holbrook and Frogskin, because they look so damn good!

" We all love our Douchebags - its so funny to think what the team have in the Hugger 30L that we use everyday - mine’s mostly food, extra clothes and dog biscuits! "
Rachel Atherton

Douchebags. Weird name. Flippin’ awesome luggage. We travel a lot, and we haul an awful lot of luggage with us. Douchebags are the brainchild of our fellow Red Bull athlete, skier Jon Olssen and the fact that he’s done an awful lot of similar hauling’ shows up in every stitch.  Jon says he wants people to have the freedom to travel how they want, with whatever they need. A chance meeting with Product Engineer and ski/surf nut Truls Brataas ( in the sea appropriately enough!) led to the start of Douchebags  and to redefining travel gear.

The whole team use the Hugger 30L everyday, whether we’re travelling into the office, the gym, off on a ride or grabbing a flight, its perfect. It’s IATA approved as carry-on, has enough pockets to keep even Rachel Atherton happy and is tough enough to stand a lot of chucking about. If we’re going further afield we’ll take the 90L Big Bastard.

This year we’re working with the guys at Douchebags to create the perfect bike bag – we can’t wait to see them…or to hear what the guys are going to call their latest product!

" I first remember Dan wandering into our yard maybe 15 years ago, he was probably still a teenager. Even then he was making his own way, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted and it was nothing like anything that anybody else was doing. He’s been pretty tireless in developing tracks ever since and we’re proud to support that. "
Greg Mills

We’ve been friends with the guys at DG Mills for a long time. 

They are based near us in Llanfyllin and they’re top of their game in civil engineering, waterways, haulage and plant hire. They’ve been part of some massive projects throughout Wales and the rest of the UK for over 30 years and always give first class service with the most efficient equipment and skilled operators for the job in hand.

For us that means that whenever we want to borrow stuff they’ll make available the best equipment, on time and in great condition, they’re a huge part of developing mountain-biking in the area and we’re really grateful for that.

" Our GoPros are an absolutely indispensable tool for our World Cup preparation, at every race we’ll review our practice runs as a team, learning from each other. This year I ‘m going to be using to mine to coach the BDS Junior girls. Of course we use them loads for fun stuff as well – I’ve watched my Red Bull Foxhunt footage loads of time – and Gee’s. I think sometimes he wishes he hadn’t had his on when he crashes though! "
Rachel Atherton

Go Pro make the world’s most versatile gear-mountable cameras. This year we’ve loved playing with our Hero4 Black versions, the waterproof casings mean that we’ve been able to take them stand-up paddling, kayaking, we’ve even dropped them in the mud a fair few times on ourmountain-bikes!

We’re passionate about creating new experiences and seeing what might be possible though it’s never been done before. Go Pro are passionate about capturing those moments as incredible photos and video and sharing them with others so that we can celebrate together.

Sharing our GoPro footage is one of the best ways we know to introduce new people to our awesome sport so in 2016 every time we shred Dan Atherton’s crazy new trails or ride a new downhill race-track we’ll be wearing a Go Pro.

" When I go into the start-gate I need to know that my bike is 100% dialled, every mm counts, every PSI, that’s why I’ll be working with Pete for the 2016 season, it’ll be our 5th season together and his 6th with Athy Racing. "
Gee Atherton

Polished Racing is the creation of Pete Polish Michaliszyn, Head Technician at Atherton Racing (2011 – 2015).

As a sister company of Setchfield Cycles (established by our 2014 Enduro World Series mechanic Andrew Setch Setchfield)  the company was established to deliver top quality suspension servicing, tuning and bike setup.

Pete has been a fixture on the World Cup Circuit for the past 8 years, playing a vital role in over 100 World Cup podiums, over 20 World Cup wins and three World Championship victories. From 2007 – 2011 Pete practiced his craft as Senior Shock Technician at MOJO Suspension and MOJO ORANGE DH Team Mechanic.  But when he joined us here at Atherton Racing things got next level. As Pinkbike reported recently “There’s Pro, then there’s Atherton Pro.”

Pete remains a valued member of the Atherton Racing Team but when he’s not travelling the World Cup circuit with Gee you can find him at his Wrexham base.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a World Cup racer you too can experience the Polish magic that has been instrumental in so many our victories.

" When it comes to winter mountain biking in the Dyfi, a mudguardz P450 makes life way more pleasant!

A good mudguard will keep water spray and dirt thrown upby your wheels off you and your bike, meaning you get to see where you’re going and get less wet, cold and mucky. It also means less mud sticking to your bike; so it’ll be lighter after a long ride and can also help reduce wear on bike components as well as your washing machine. "
Dan Atherton

Ian Walker founder of Rockguardz has a wealth of experience with fiberglass and carbon fibre from years of manufacturing superbike bodywork.

Superbike Racing was Ian’s passion and about 10 years ago he decided that to get fit for the oncoming season of racing he would get a mountain bike. To protect his investment Ian decided that the vulnerable looking area of the frame behind the front wheel would need to be protected and with his expertise, it was easy enough for him to create a carbon guard… first, his mates wanted versions for their bikes, and then the wider world!

It was not long before Ian had to bring in his friend Howard Williams to help manage demand and mountain biking became Ian’s main sporting passion! Now well established RockGuardz turned their attention to Mudguardz, again in carbon fibre, a product which performs superbly whilst looking absolutely gorgeous – and that’s where we come into this story! We ride in mud. A lot of mud!! This year we’ll be using the P350 at home and abroad with the P450 for extra muddy days.

" Beyond the results, we’ve always been fans of the professionalism the Athertons have brought the sport. "
Simon Thompson, Director of Sports Marketing & Racing, Trek Bicycles

Atherton Racing began with two brothers and their little sister at the BMX track, today it partners with some of the world’s biggest brands but at its heart is a family, committed to their sport and to making it accessible to as many people as possible.

Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton grew up to become the fastest mountain–biking family on earth. Between them they hold 7 World Championships, 36 World Cups and 14 UK National titles. Individually the siblings are respected as three of the best riders in the world, together their impact on the sport is off the scale.

In 2006 the Athertons were joined by Team Director Dan Brown who focused on building the most skilled and professional support team in the industry. The four friends master-minded a new way to race mountain-bikes which changed the entire industry’s approach to the sport.

Atherton Racing forged a new way. Taking their lead from more established disciplines they embody a professionalism that is second to none. Not only is their race set-up and technical support the leader in the field but they co-organise international events with partners like Red Bull, create jaw-droppingly awesome tracks and ground-breaking moving image projects, run a junior development programme in the Atherton Academy and have done more to put mountain-biking on the mainstream map than any other riders.

Over the last 10 years Atherton Racing have produced awesome results for partner brands such as Animal, Commencal, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Continental, Red Bull and GT bicycles. For 2016 – 19 the Atherton Racing team will manage the Trek Factory DH Race team and we’re confident that our list of victories will grow faster than ever.


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