Savage Val di Sole! 2nd for Rach with Mille in 3rd Race Report: UCI World Cup 2018 Round 4.

8th July 2018

Val Di Sole, Italy

Historically Val di Sole is one of the riders’ favourite tracks on the circuit, almost entirely natural, steep and challenging in all the right ways but yesterday in qualifications that love turned to something close to hate as on-off downpours left the track an unpredictable and scary mess.

Gee said “it was savage, the track was absolutely brutal.” A practice crash had left him with an injured hand so he was riding in a lot of pain with his hand velcro’ed to the bars – he was delighted to qualify a solid 30th with Charlie not far behind in 43rd.

Rach had a couple of crashes in her practise run, qualifying in 6th, Mille was 3rd and Kade 7th with a crash.

Saturday dawned bright, the sun dried the track to such an extent that the course builders pronounced it “running as good as it ever will.”

Mille was first on course and put in a great run on this physically and psychologically demanding track to ride into 3rd . Mille said “My run wasn’t too bad, I did have a small crash at the top and got stuck so that was bad but the rest was really good so I’m happy!”

Kade was disappointed with todays 4th. “That wasn’t the run I wanted” but he’s already re-focusing for next week’s challenge at Andorra.
Val Di Sole, Italy

Then it was time for the Women’s Elites.
When Rach came on track, Veronica Widman was in the hotseat but it soon became clear that her time there would be short. Rach put in a commanding run, over 5 seconds clear by split 1, she extended that lead to a massive 9.5 by split 2. She lost a bit of time between 2 and 3, still 8.6 clear and extended again to 10.2 clear by split 4. She lost a bit of time in the bottom section (around 1.5 seconds) but crossed into the hotseat 5.3 clear of the field. Five riders left on course, Salazar failed to get into contention , Tracey Hannah was slow in sector 1 but super fast in the bottom section, she pulled back a lot of time to go into 2nd 3.4 back from Rach. Siegenthaler crossed into 5th and then Tahnee Seagrave was on course.

Tahnee looked fast through the top turns, then seemed to be saving energy for the more punishing sections of the course, around 2 seconds back at split 1,.Her strategy proved a good one with 1.5 seconds lost by Rach on the grass Tahnee took her cue from the roars of the crowd and pushed harder for the finish – 0.1 second clear. Monica Hrastnik created a lot of nerves, nearly 4 seconds back at the top but taking back time all the way, she crossed into 3rd .

Rachel said, “Massive congrats to Tahnee, I’m not going to pretend, 2nd by 0.1 hurts like hell, but it’s so cool to see all the girls tackle this mental track and smash it!”


The Men’s Race was a sensation! British rider Laurie Greenland was in the hotseat with just two men left on course. The first of those was Danny Hart, he looked fast, was in the lead in sector 9 and 10 but lost a fraction of a second in the last left hander, crossing just 0.1 back from Greenland. But Amaury Pierron first place qualifier and winner of the last two rounds was still at the top of the hill! Pierron chose different lines, 0.2 up by split 1 , a few mistakes cost him so that he was down at split 2 and 3 but by split 4 he smoothed things out to go back into the green crossing in 3.36.78 to take his third consecutive World Cup win.

Charlie and Gee were both carrying injuries so had to settle for 26th and 60th .

Gee said “26th place is pretty crap for me but it’s all I could manage with an injury, stoked to survive but always want to go faster”

Charlie said” Four weeks since fracturing my scaphoid, Val di Sole was always going to be a tough one, I had a stupid crash in today’s Finals but I’m glad to be back racing.”
Val Di Sole, Italy
Junior Women

1 Vali Holl 4.43.05
2 Anna Newkirk 5.00.41 +17.35
3 Mille Johnset 5.00.67 +17.61

Junior Men
1Thibault Daprela Commencal/Vallnord 3.53.41
2 Henry Kerr Propain Dirt Sixpack 3.54.54 +1.13
3 Patrick Butler, MS Mondraker team 3.56.79 +3.37
4 Kade Edwards Trek Factory Racing DH 3 .57.81 +4.4

Elite Women
1 Tahnee Seagrave Transition bikes/Muc-off 4.26.42
2 Rachel Atherton Trek Factory Racing DH 4.26.54 +0.12
3 Monica Hrastnik 4.28.02 +1.6

Elite Men
1 Amaury Pierron Commencal/Vallnord 3.36.78
2 Laurie Greenland MS Mondraker team 3.37.31 +0.5
3 Danny Hart Madison Saracen Factory team 3.37.44 +0.66
4 Luca Shaw Santa Cruz Syndicate 3.39.03 +2.2
5 Thomas Estaque 3.39.25 +2.46
26 Gee Atherton Trek Factory Racing DH 3.47.24 +10.4
60 Charlie Hatton 4.09.82 +0.33

Overall standings

Rach leads the Women’s Elite , Kade lies 3rd in Mens Juniors, Mille is 5th in the Women’s Juniors and Gee and Charlie are 23rd and 41st respectively.
In the team rankings Commencal lead, we are third.

Pics:Sven Martin


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