Crankworx Les Gets!

28th June 2018

In no particular order, ten extraordinary shots  and a “Dan on follow-cam”  GoPro run from the flat out fun that is Crankworx Les Gets

Pics Sven Martin photo

CWX_Les_Gets_2018_68I0521 copy

Whip-off … and Kade getting sideways ” Whip-off is sick, Im just having so much fun on my bike”


Enough for second place – Kade said ” So stoked to get 2nd to R-dog who is pretty radical!”

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

Rach LOVED the Dual Slalom!  Seen here in practise. ” You come out of the woods so fast you can barely see what’s happening them you send it round the turns, bang, bang, then into the loose grass turns – its sick!”

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

“Riding with Athy was such fun for both of us , he’s still pinned it’s amazing to think that he hasn’t raced DH for so long – he was right up there with the boys who’ve maybe had year or two out – there were some real fast riders  just ahead or just behind him.” Gee

CWXLesGets18__H1D8927 copy

Gee said ” this is one of my favourite tracks of the season, so fast, bit more technical and quite natural then back to full charge!”


Good to see Gee up to speed on the Trek Session 29. He had a good race run then blew through a turn towards the bottom of the course

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

Rach ” this track is FLAT OUT” so much fun, I haven’t been here since 2004 when I was racing first year juniors, just a little kid!

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

Dan ” I’m pretty surprised how fast Rachel was, I’m really impressed. I did ’16 and she did ’22 .


“Practise was amazing, I had such good fun following Rach” Dan

CWXLesGets18__H1D8375 copy

“Through the weekend there were definitely moments when I could have got carried away and needed to calm myself down! I didn’t go into this wanting a result it was about having fun with Gee and Rach.” Dan

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

Race run action from Dan. ” There were sections that I could ride as fast as I ever could have but putting together  a full run is something different”

Les gets, CWX, Crankwork

Kade in qualifiers for Speed and Style on his neon Ticket – he crashed out ” didn’t matter it was still awesome.”












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