We’re taking control of our Single Use Plastic – with help from our new partners SIGG

1st March 2018

How many half empty bottles of water do you have in your life right now? … Hydration’s important right?

Apparently the average adult in the UK gets through 150 plastic water bottles a year but we’re willing to bet that almost everyone who rides bikes can top that.

MHML5759Last year we realised that our extended team of riders, mechanics, staff, media and family could smash through a lot of water in the five days of a World Cup.

Add to that the potential health hazards associated with BPA found in disposable water bottles and it was clear that we needed to take action.

So in May 2017 we approached SIGG. The iconic Swiss bottle manufacturer have already helped us to reduce our single use plastic right down. They have been a extremely useful part of our race and training set up ever since Fort William last year with the iconic “traveller” bottles the staple product and ideal for track-walk. Back at the pits, SIGG’s guarantee that all bottles are naturally free from estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates made them a perfect choice for protein shakes and hydration.

UCI MTB DH World Cup


For 2018 we are delighted to announce that SIGG will become an Official Team Partner and this next level of support will allow us to roll out further initiatives to spread a very important message.

Rachel said “I’m so thankful for the amazing, diverse and beautiful earth that we live in. We all want to acknowledge the impact of our actions and take more responsibility. Plastic bottles are one of the most common items of litter in the ocean so trying to cut down seemed a great place to start.

pics Sven Martin and Moonhead Media


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