Atherton Diaries Episode 5: DIY dislocation treatment, road gaps and whips to swamp!

7th June 2017

During the Ft. William UCI MTB DH World Cup

Rachel puts her dislocated shoulder back in on track. Muddy sends the road-gap without his bike and wild-man Kade gets into all kinds of trouble!!
In Atherton Diaries episode 5 we follow the Trek Factory Racing team as Gee and Marshy enjoy every aspect of Red Bull’s hospitality at the World Superbikes at Donington Park, Rach tackles her first ever Enduro and the entire team get wild at Fort William.

Gee and Marsh admire the scenery and get up close and personal with a feathered friend at the Superbikes while Rach tackles her first ever Enduro at the Welsh Gravity Enduro in Dyfi. Will she make it through the 20km of riding and climbing? Rach is loving life as she sets off through her hometown but pretty soon she’s decided that Enduro is the worst thing ever! Will she make it to the finish line? And will she ever take on another Enduro?

There’s just time for a few days rest then its off to the absolute carnage of this year’s World Cup round at Fort William where the riders are welcomed by the characteristic and evocative smell of the Athy Racing pits in the morning… Rach describes it best as “ tyre sealant, fresh rubber, farts and porridge!” The brutal, mud-drenched course gets the better of all of our riders at some point this weekend; watch (if you can bear it) Rachel relocate her dislocated shoulder on the track…

Unconvinced that a helpful spectator has pulled hard enough to complete the task, Rach steps on her own hand and stretches hard get her shoulder back in – all the pain and cursing captured on GoPro. If you thought Women’s World Champion was tough before this you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Rachel said “It did hurt like I hell I’ll admit, but it’s no biggie, me and Dan and Gee are always having to relocate each others shoulders – if you ever pop your shoulder on the trails, give us a call. We’re practically surgeons!”


Muddy takes some line advice from boss-man Dan Brown and sends the road-gap in style, the only thing is he manages to leave his bike behind. And Kade’s determination to “go big or go home” in the quails results in him landing so hard he bends his saddle – there are a few anxious moments as he checks that the contents of his pants are still intact – much to the amusement of the rest of the team! Luckily the next time Kade crashes it’s into a nice soft swamp!
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