Our Favourite Exercises

29th March 2017

With the race season almost upon us the team share some of their go to exercises, under the watchful eye of coach Nick Grantham.

Gee: Box Jumps

Gee says: “Stack it high and power through – I like the way that this exercise gets my muscles firing all over ready for a big session.”

Nick says: Gee likes the fear you get by stacking the boxes really high. You can pick holes in this clip technically but at this point in the session the objective is as much mental as physical. These guys are competitive animals and a 30 cm box jump isn’t going to cut it. Later on in the session we’ll do it right!

Tips: The emphasis of this exercise is on the up. Gee tends to jump off and straight down – I’d tend to add some steps down to lower the impact on the down.

Get as close to the box as you can so the only way up is the vertical. The height will come down…

Ideally your start and finish positions will look the same.

Dan : Single Arm Dumbbell Press

Dan says: We have a lot of shoulder problems! These help reduce one of the occupational hazards!

Nick says: He’s not normal! Most people actually find it easier to work with both arms at once for balance and co-ordination. , also you wont be handling the load for as long.

Tips: Avoid bending your non-working arm. Imagine you’re holding the ceiling up.

Establish a firm base, brace your feet on the floor and concentrate on not getting ripped out of shape or pulled off the bench by the weight of your descending arm.

If you get this right it feels like wrestling.

Rach: Medicine Ball Complex.

Rachel says: This is a warm-up drill I like to do before the gym or before a ride , it feels like switching your body on ready to take the hits!

Nick says: Strength and Conditioning coaches often like to work in standard positions, this allows us to free-style and get in to loads of different movement patterns and lets the body encounter multiple different forces and loads so you get a lot done in 3-4 exercises, its great for shoulders and core – and I get to throw ball really hard at Rachel’s head!
Tips : If you haven’t got a friend you can do this against any solid wall.

Don’t worry if it starts to look funky and ragged every now and then, that’s exactly what’s going to happen on the bike!

Muddy: Bell Bound.

Muddy says: This is one I’ve done forever, through all the disciplines, it’s a good way to turn strength into power and get everything moving a bit faster.

Nick says: In English we call this a jump squat! I like this one. I like this one.

Tips: The load you lift will govern the speed you move so don’t go crazy. Beginners should start with body weight then you can work up to 40-50% of your bodyweight.

If you don’t have a kettle bell you can also do this with a dumbbell or with a barbell on your back.

Keep your arms straight – think about where that weight is going to end up if you don’t!!!!

Keep the reps low (4-5) but try to bang your head on the ceiling.

Filming: Richard Cunynghame


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