The Vito Sport Experience Day at Bike Park Wales.

1st November 2013

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Dan and Robert Glover

Wow. Last Friday, seems like a lifetime ago. We’ve just been having a quick look back and hoping that everyone who came along had as brilliant time as we did.

The guys at Bike Park Wales looked after us a treat and we even got Atherton Racing’s Gill out on the trails (on Rachel’s bike no less!) and Liz from the Vito Sport! As for Team Director  Dan Brown – there was no stopping him!

Enough about what a great day we had – here’s a few of the things our competition winners had to say

Roger Glover

Thank you so much for Friday, I’ll never forget it..  I was totally blown away with how the day was set up and was amazed how relaxed and at ease everyone involved made me feel from the moment I arrived. I noticed straight away how much time both Dan and Rachel had for everyone, taking time to chat to everyone there. And once we got riding it was great that everyone waited for each other so no one was left out on the trails. All in all it totally blew my expectations out of the water and I would love to someday do it again

Worst bit of the day?  having a big crash on the last run with the cameras filming me..not sure I’m looking forward to that video haha!

Jamie Bentley

What did you learn from the day? That it doesn’t matter what bike you brought you can still have an awesome time!


Jono Drew

What was the best bit of the day?  Following Dan down one of the black trails. I’ve never ridden with someone who can Boost anything like that.

Paul Hilliar

I had a great day and really enjoyed it. I was totally stoked that Dan and Rachel turned out to be really approachable/nice.  They treated us just like we were the riding partners for the day, encouraging everyone and having fun.  That was cool – to just have a day riding with world class athletes.

Tell me something about the day that I’d never think of to ask!?

When filming in the afternoon, Dan sent it really big on one of the jumps on ‘Enter the Dragon’.  When Rachel came to try the same thing she braked to a halt doing girly screams – very funny.  She did eventually clear the jump of course.

Darren Bowden

It was like a day riding trails with your buddies – but a couple of those buddies just happen to be Dan and Rachel Atherton. Both Dan and Rachel came across really humbly and were more than willing to give advice, show the best lines and have a bit of banter.

Best bit of the day? Leading down the first run of the day - I can now tell my mates I have been shredding in front of Dan Atherton!!

Worst bit?  Getting razzed by Rachel for taking a truly awful line as she flew past me!

Greg Brookes

greg (960x1280) (2)

It was great to ride some amazing trails throughout the day without any pressure to perform to a standard just enjoy the trails, centre and company, it was a huge bonus to have a second Atherton along for the day – I had some good chats with both Dan and Rachel and enjoyed being followed down one of the blue trails with Rachel following close behind, whooping all the way down.

The overall day had a super chilled atmosphere with everyone there to enjoy themselves and get the chance to ride with an Atherton.The best bit for me was riding down the blue trail on the next to last run as one long chain having nearly everyone in convoy was great, also seeing some of the younger riders completely smashing the trails and enjoying themselves so much.

Rich Thomas

All I can say about bikepark wales is “awesome” love the tracks they just felt so quick and you could just let go and let rip, if I had the chance to do it all over again I would without a blink of me eye :)
Darren and Bethan Macall

The best part of the day was making Rachel laugh by wiping out in front of her…….twice!

Just watching Dan And Rach shred the trails gave me extra confidence trying to keep up with them and from watching them I picked up a few new techniques!

The worst part of the day was wiping out in front of Rachel…….twice! My ankle is a little sore but the graze on my butt stings more lol

Oh and breaking my brakes, but the staff at bike park wales were amazing fixing a new set over lunch!

I think a good day is measured by how muddy I get and on Friday I had mud all the way through my shorts, padded shorts all the way to my boxers!

Bethan had so much fun that we went back on Saturday and she rode the blues from the top. So thank you for getting her to enjoy biking again, she had got a bit nervous after her little crash in the summer! She also says thanks for the photos with Rachel Dan and Angus, she’s not as weird as she came across lol!

Ben Rust

Best bit? It was pretty special having the chance to ride with Dan and Rach (and Dan Brown!!!) riders who a lot of people look up to and most will only ever see on the TV,  spending the day with these very down to earth people, who ride on a whole different level. The only thing I can think of that would have been better was to have had a few more hours in the day, and a bit more sunshine!!! :)

Worst bit (s)

Bailing on one of the easiest parts of the centre and having it on camera – oops muppet.

Tell me something about the day that I’d never think to ask?

I was soaked right through to my pants. Thanks for asking :)

Greg Houghton

Worst bit?  definitely wimping out of hitting the big drop off on the last run if the day, I’m still annoyed at myself for that.

As for my best bit, honestly just getting chance to stop next to Rachel and congratulate her on the amazing season she’s had. It was very surreal to find myself following a world champion down the trail.

I know it’s cliche, but people always say how you should never meet your heroes as you will be disappointed, how wrong anyone who said that about the Athertons would be!

If there’s ever chance to meet you all again please sign me up now.











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