Meet the Team – Alan Milway, Team Fitness Coach

29th April 2013

milway bottle

Name: Alan Milway

From: Belbroughton, West Midlands

Joined the team:  November 2012

On duty: Team Fitness Coach

Off duty: Cyclist, Husband, Father-to-be, often found in my workshop working on one of my bikes listening to music.

Previous Lives: I used to live and work in France, Fitness Coach to a British Championship Motocross team, Fitness Coach to professional downhill racers, including 2011 World Champion Danny Hart.

First impressions/how did you get this job? Gee and Dan Brown approached me; we sat down to discuss our aims and realised we shared many of the same goals and approaches, so we worked hard to put it all together.

milway aff

Responsible for: Getting the team physically prepared for racing – getting them strong, fit and in the best shape possible for their discipline.

I’m responsible for planning all the team training; from an annual overview to each specific session. Each rider has different areas of focus and there are variations between each of the two disciplines  – Downhill and Enduro. It’s great to have a different focus with Athy as I am looking for different things from him and it keeps things very motivating. I conduct strength and conditioning sessions at the team gym at Atherton HQ, and organise their monitoring and testing sessions at a University Lab.

This winter we have been away on two training camps, where every session was planned and recorded. I was also out on the road bikes with them. We try to ensure that all training can translate on to their discipline, and as the season continues we are looking to research some new areas and try some new things to find further gains…a sport scientists dream!

Best bit of the job: Seeing them progress in the gym, and seeing the results translate on to the bike. Having an athlete see how their fitness is integral to their performance and appreciate how this helps them is very rewarding.

Worst bit? Injuries are frustrating.

Secret talent? I am quite a good cook I think- but you better ask my wife!

Secret vice? I like to line my trainers up in pairs.

3 words: Work. Life. Balance.



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