Wheels 4 Life – we’ve bought some bikes!

14th March 2013

IMG_1737 (1280x853)
We’re really excited to be able to bring you the first report on the outcome of our World’s Frames Auction. Thanks to our friends at The Pros Closet and to all of you who bid, we raised $5565 – That’s enough for Wheels 4 Life to buy 50 bikes.

If anybody missed all the excitement Wheels 4 Life is a charity set up by MTB legend Hans Rey and his wife Carmen. Wheels 4 Life has funded over 5000 bikes in more than 200 communities in 22 different countries around the world helping people to get to work or to school and enabling healthcare workers to bring much needed care into rural villages.

Because Hans and Carmen keep their projects small and develop personal relationships with the projects they support it means that they can see exactly where the bikes are going  - and make sure that they are getting to the right people. It also means that they can move fast – the first 30 bikes that we have funded have already been delivered!

Wheels 4 Life have worked with the E4N Foundation in Kenya twice before, sending a total of 25 bicycles, the GT Factory Racing frames will fund a third batch of 30!

The project aims to support students, teachers and farmers with a cheap and reliable means of transport. Most families in this region live below one dollar per day and this means they are in no position to afford a bicycle.

The bikes allow sick people to get to hospital, allow farmers to take produce to market, they allow young men to generate an income by acting as “bicycle taxis” ferry people to and from market centre, they allow health workers to access remote villages and students to get to school.

Wheels 4 Life supplied the community with two different sorts of bikes –  the Fittoo Bike has a higher speed and it needs less energy to ride on mountains and for longer distances without getting tired. It’s perfect for students like Joseph Mbuvi and teachers like James Kipyeko who need to reach school faster and still need some energy to concentrate in class.

The Phoenix is a heavy duty bike with a bigger carrier for carrying heavy loads so it’s  great for farmers like Darius and Petwa Wangoi on their daily trip to market.

The second project we’ll support is in Bhutan in partnership with an organisation called READ global – the bikes will allow kids from remote areas to get to school., Photographs and full report in April – can’t wait to see them!



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