1, 2, 3 for GT Factory Racing at One Industries Mini Enduro.

11th February 2013


This weekend saw a strong team effort from GT Factory Racing for the new Mini Enduro event at Haldon Forest sponsored by One Industries.
Gee Atherton sneaked ahead of brother Dan Atherton, and team-mate Taylor Vernon to take the win in his first ever Enduro race. Even Team Director Dan Brown who is nursing an injured hand joined in the fun, riding the stages but not entering his times for an actual race.
The mini-enduro aims to bring new riders into the discipline – and it worked a treat! Remarkably this was Gee’s first ever Enduro race – and he loved it, especially the chance to pit himself against Dan and Taylor. Young Taylor showed a remarkable turn of speed and stamina – despite a late night at The British Cycling Awards in honour of his National Championships win.
About 140 riders of all levels tackled three very muddy stages, easy, non-timed transitions meant that this was a fun race for everybody.
Gee said “I had a brilliant day. I think all the riders did. I wouldn’t set too much store by those times – there were a few timing issues which meant Affy had to repeat his stages so he was at a disadvantage – but we had some good battles. There were some points where we both thought Taylor was going to smoke us!”


1st Atherton Gee GT 03:04.9 01:01.5 01:54.6 06:01.0
2nd Atherton Dan GT 03:02.9 01:08.7 02:01.8 06:13.4 12.4
3rd Vernon Taylor GT 03:16.8 01:14.0 02:11.7 06:42.5


Thanks to Chris Davison for use of these pictures from his forthcoming interview with Moredirt


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