Four By Three – Episode 4

18th December 2012

The fourth and final episode of the groundbreaking series ‘Four By Three’ is released today. Produced and directed by Clay Porter for Red Bull Media House, the final instalment of the much watched series focuses on the dynamic of Atherton Racing and the place they call home, North Wales.

With much of the year spent travelling the globe to compete, Llangynog provides a welcome bolt hole at the end of the season, a ‘polar opposite’ to the hectic lifestyle that is part and parcel of being a world renowned mountain bike racer.

This episode provides a candid look at how the Atherton siblings relax away from the intense world of racing in the quiet welsh retreat, where ‘no – one really knows much about mountain bikes or racing and it doesn’t matter to them what’s happened at the weekend’ And whilst the Welsh village is the ideal place to unwind, the incredible landscape also provides the perfect setting for the team to continue to break boundaries on their bikes.

As Rachel observes, “you can’t switch on if you haven’t switched off” and the film climaxes with a truly breathtaking riding session in Llangynog quarry that sees Dan, Gee and some of the newer members of the Atherton Racing team really pushing their riding to new levels. Amazing riding coupled with next level cinematography defines Four By Three and the final episode finished on a real high.


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